The Digital Health Atlas is a WHO global technology registry platform aiming to strengthen the value and impact of digital health investments, improve coordination, and facilitate institutionalization and scale.
Why use the Digital Health Atlas

Why use the Digital Health Atlas?

The Digital Health Atlas (DHA) is an open-source web platform designed to support goverments, technologists, implementers and donors to better coordinate digital health activities globally.

This web platform offers users the information needed to improve the planning, coordination and use of digital health information systems for health.

In addition, the DHA supports implementers to assess the maturity of their digital health projects and gain access to global resources on current best practices in digital health.

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The DHA is led by WHO RHR/HRP, for the Health Data Collaborative Working Group on Digital Health and Interoperability, with support from USAID, Digital Square, UN Foundation,Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative, mPowering, developed as a global good software in response to the proliferation of uncoordinated duplicative investments into digital health.

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