The Digital Health Atlas is a WHO global technology registry platform aiming to strengthen the value and impact of digital health investments, improve coordination, and facilitate institutionalization and scale.
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The WHO, in an effort to support the coordination and scale of effective digital health implementations, has established the COVID-19 Initiative within the Digital Health Atlas. The COVID-19 Initiative is a hub of information regarding software implementations planned and deployed in response to the global pandemic. The repository of information is open for all users to register projects, download project information and connect with digital health practitioners globally.

Why use the Digital Health Atlas?

This web platform supports issuing unique IDs for curating the range of digital health products and projects globally.

Governments and communities of technologists, implementers, and donors will be equipped to better coordinate and plan, monitor the

growth of implementations, and reduce redundancy of investments.

The Digital Health Atlas (DHA) offers governments, technologists, implementers, and donors a platform of tools and guidance to improve the use of, and planning coordination for digital information systems for health.

The DHA facilitates implementers to assess the maturity of their digital health implementations, gain personalized guidance, benefit from other’s implementation experiences, and gain access to global resources from leading technical institutions.

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The DHA is a global public good overseen by the World Health Organization. The DHA benefits from a diversity of contributions, including support from WHO Reproductive Health and Research, PATH, Digital Square, USAID, UN Foundation, UNFPA, JHU Global mHealth Initiative, mPowering, and the Digital Health and Interoperability Working Group, and was developed to strengthen coordination of investments into deliberate, harmonized, interoperable digital health systems

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